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Having Your Senior Cat Watched At Home While You're Away? 3 Things To Ask Potential Sitters

Keeping your cat at home while you're on vacation can be preferable to bringing them to a boarding kennel, especially when your cat is in their senior years. Instead of exposing them to an unfamiliar environment at a pet boarding kennel, you can make sure that your cat is comfortable at home and is able to have their regular lifestyle while you're gone. If you're eager to ensure that they have a good time at home with a pet sitter, you'll want to look into the following things that you should ask potential sitters:

Experience with Administering Medications

When your cat is older, it's likely that they need medications of some sort. If you're concerned with your cat getting their medications on time and at the right dosage, it's a good idea to find a pet sitter that has experience with administering medications. Finding the right pet sitter can take some time, especially if your cat needs a number of medications and you want to make sure that they're given properly.

With a focus on getting the right medications for your cat from an experienced pet sitter, a lot of your concerns over their health while you're gone will be relieved.

Availability by Phone for Check-Ins

Looking into just how available a pet sitter will be can help ease your mind if you're leaving your senior cat for an extended period of time. Finding a pet sitter that will be available by phone whenever they're visiting your cat can help reassure you with their wellbeing. By getting information about how your cat is doing, you can enjoy your trip much more and be sure that you can get photographs or videos while you're gone.

Meeting to Ensure Your Cat is Comfortable

Before deciding on hiring any particular pet sitter, it's a good idea to look into setting up a meeting ahead of time. A lot of people make the mistake of deciding on a pet sitter without considering the need for meeting first. By having a potential pet sitter come to your home first, you can determine if you get along and if your cats seem comfortable.

Having a pet sitter that can come to your home to check on your cat while you're away can be much more preferable to leaving them at a kennel. With the above things in mind, you can feel much better about having your cat stay with a sitter while you're on vacation, despite their older age. 

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