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A Labrador Retriever May Be A Good Fit For Your Family

If your family is in the market for a new pup, you'll need to decide on a breed. When it comes to breed selection, you want to consider a lot of things including:

  • Adult size
  • Temperament
  • Energy level
  • Intelligence
  • Working abilities
  • Grooming requirements
  • Potential health problems

Information on Labrador retrievers

If you have narrowed things down and found that a Labrador retriever is high on your list, then you want to learn as much as you can about them, so you can determine whether or not this is the best way for you to go. Here is some information on labs:

Labs are good sized dogs when full grown

If you like the idea of having a larger sized dog, then a lab may be perfect. They are considered to be large breed dogs, but they aren't so large that it's hard to keep them primarily inside of the house if this is what you are looking for.

Labs are friendly and social, but still loyal to their family

If you want a dog that you can take out to the dog parks without a problem and that will be good with kids, friends and even those you come in contact with when you are out and about with your dog, then you'll be glad to know that labs will generally meet this requirement as well. However, they also tend to be loyal to their family and can be protective when needed.

Labs have plenty of energy

If you want a dog that will be able to keep up with the kids in the yard and love to go on long hikes with the family, labs will have enough energy to keep up and plenty left over. However, as long as you give them enough exercise, they will still calm down and be happy to relax in the house without causing chaos.

Labs are smart

Labs are intelligent dogs that also like to please their owners. This makes them extremely easy dogs for you to train.

Labs can be working dogs

Labrador retrievers are retrieving dogs, so if you are a hunter then they are a family pet that you can also train to go hunting with you.

Labs are easy to keep groomed

You'll be glad to know that labs don't require a lot of grooming. They need regular bathing, brushing and nail clipping.

Labs tend to be quite healthy

As long as you do your research and make sure that you buy your lab from a good line, you can enjoy your dog for years to come. Just as with most large dogs, you will need to watch for things like arthritis as they age. 

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