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Five Great Things About Labs

If you are thinking of bringing a puppy into your family, then you should think about making it a lab puppy. There are so many fantastic things about this breed that they make a fantastic breed for many people. Here are 5 great things about lab puppies that you should be aware of:

1: Labs grow to be nice-sized dogs

If you are looking for a large dog that isn't too big, then a lab is a good choice. They are large, but they aren't so huge that you have a hard time doing some things, such as taking them with you in the car or finding a doggy door that can accommodate them. Their size makes them hardy dogs that you can play a little rough with while still fitting them in a conservatively sized home.

2: Labs are energetic without being too much

Labs do have a lot of energy, and this makes them good dogs for those with kids who want to play, those who are looking for a hiking companion, and those who are looking for a dog that they can take on runs with them. However, the breed is also known for being able to calm down in the house and spend plenty of time curled next to you on the couch or even laying right at your feet.

3: Labs require very little grooming

When you choose some breeds, such as afghans or poodles, you will be looking at a lot of grooming. The amount of grooming some breeds needs make them extremely high-maintenance and expensive to keep up with. Labs really only need to be bathed and brushed, as well as have their nails trimmed regularly. You will need to brush them more when they are shedding, but there are shedding brushes that make it easy to keep up with their needs.

4: Labs are very intelligent

You want a dog that you will be able to train to be obedient. Labs are known for being highly intelligent and for wanting to please their owners. This is a great combination that makes them easy to obedience train, as well as to train to do tricks for you. They are great at agility courses, Frisbee, swimming, and retrieving.

5: Labs are loyal

Labs are also loyal dogs who love to spend time with the family. They want to be near you and they will show you plenty of affection. However, if needed a lab can also turn into a great protector if you are being threatened.

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