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Have An Enormous Yard? Install A Fence For Your Pets While Minimizing Costs

Buying a property with a huge yard is something that you may have looked forward to doing, but this does not make it any less challenging to figure out what to do with the space. It can take a lot of work to create a beautiful landscape that stretches from one end to another. If you have pets that you like to take outside, you may not feel safe without a fence being in the yard.

An excellent alternative to installing a fence along the property edges is building a smaller one that you can give a dedicated purpose of a safe and secure place for your pets to spend time.

Height Consideration

If you have large dogs that you know will try to scale the fence, you may not have any other option than to install the tallest fence allowed. This will minimize the chance that your pets will be able to escape. You can take further measures to prevent this from happening by adding a feature such as coyote rollers that keep dogs from being able to get a grip on the top of the fence.

When you have rabbits, cats, or small dogs that you like to let play outside, you may be able to get away with a shorter fence that is still effective and minimizes your total costs.

Against the House

To keep material and labor costs down, you should consider putting the fence up against your house. This will make it so that you only need to add three sides of fencing. You will not have to worry about the side of your house being a weak point once the installation is complete. This is because it will be tall and strong enough to not be used as a possible area to escape.


While you will likely be able to install any kind of fence against your home, you should prioritize chain-link due to its affordability and flexibility with what you need. You can pick the perfect height for the fence as well as the right gauge to be sturdy enough to withstand your pets.

If you want to keep your pets from looking in one direction, you can easily install privacy slats on one side of the fence, which is a quick and affordable way to enjoy privacy.

Even though you may have a huge yard, you can still get an affordable fence for your pets. Contact a pet fence installation contractor for help.

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