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Why A Vet Hospital Is A Good Place For Your Puppy's Medical Care

When you get a new puppy, one important thing you'll want to do soon is pick out a vet and have a wellness visit. Your puppy needs vaccinations on a schedule determined by the vet and wellness exams are important for maintaining your puppy's health. A good place to establish care for your puppy is at a vet hospital. Veterinarian hospitals provide a range of care that isn't often available at smaller vet offices. Here are some benefits of using a hospital for your puppy's medical care.

A Vet Hospital Has Lab Equipment

The more lab equipment a vet has, the quicker your puppy can be diagnosed and treated during an illness. Some vets collect blood and other samples and send them out to a lab to be tested. This takes time and if your puppy is sick, this can delay the start of treatment that makes your puppy feel better. A vet hospital can analyze samples and run tests right away since they have a lab in the building. This helps the vet diagnose an illness sooner so your puppy can get on the right treatment. A vet hospital usually has a lab for blood, urine, and stool analysis as well as machines for imaging such as an x-ray and ultrasound.

A Hospital Is Set Up To Do Surgery

While many vets can do routine surgery such as spaying and neutering, a hospital can do all types of surgery such as set bones, take out tumors, and other more complicated procedures. Taking your puppy to a familiar place when your pet is sick or in need of surgery can be reassuring to your dog and less stressful than having to find a new vet for complicated medical care when your dog is hurt or sick.

A Hospital May Take Emergencies

Some hospitals are open all day and night for emergencies your puppy may have. Others may close for routine visits but will take your pet after hours if you notify the vet on call. This is reassuring to know your pet can get care at any time of the night if a problem comes up and you don't want to wait until office hours for help.

A Vet Hospital Provides All Kinds Of Care

A vet hospital is more than a place to take your puppy after an accident or for surgery. You can also take your pet for routine wellness visits, vaccinations, flea treatments, and boarding. Hopefully, your pet will never need emergency medical care or get sick, but using a vet hospital for routine care gets you and your pet familiar with the staff and building so you'll have a place you can trust if your dog ever gets ill or hurt.

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