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Tips For Taking Your Pet To The Pet Hospital For An Emergency

Some veterinary care you can plan for — like vaccines and dental cleanings. Other veterinary care you can't plan for — like an emergency surgery to remove the sock your dog swallowed. When you do find your pet in need of emergency vet care, it's important that you're able to remain calm, collected, and rational so that you can act in the best interest of your pet. It's a lot easier to stay calm when you know what to do. So, follow these tips when you find yourself needing to take your pet to the animal hospital for emergency care.

Find out how your regular vet handles emergencies

Ask your vet if their office handles emergency care. If they do, then keep their number handy in your phone so you who to call when an emergency comes up. If your regular vet office does not offer emergency care, ask who they recommend calling in case of an emergency. Get that emergency pet hospital's number, and put it in your phone with an obvious label so you don't have to search too hard for it when an emergency happens.

Don't give any medications unless the emergency vet tells you to

When you do find yourself facing a pet emergency, call the animal hospital right away, and tell them you are on your way. Don't give your pet any meds before you head out the door unless you're told to do so during this initial phone conversation. Medications can sometimes do more harm than good in various medical scenarios. Giving your pet human pain meds may sound like a good idea, but these meds can actually be toxic to pets.

Be honest

When telling the emergency vet about what's bothering your pet, do not lie. You may feel embarrassed to admit you left socks where your dog could eat them, or that you let your dog in the yard without realizing there was a saw back there they could cut themselves on — but set this embarrassment aside, and share everything you know. The more the vet knows about the situation, the better able they will be to diagnose and treat your pet. Accidents happen; vets understand that.

If you keep the right number on-hand, are honest with the vet, and remember not to give any meds unless instructed to do so, then your trip to the emergency vet hospital should go more smoothly.

For more information, contact a clinic like Center-Sinai Animal Hospital.

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