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Reduce Problems Walking Your Dog With The Help Of A Professional Trainer

Walking your dog is a necessary part of being a dog owner, but it can often be a source of stress if your dog doesn't behave well on a leash. To address this, it's a good idea to enlist the help of a dog trainer.

If you're curious about the different kinds of dog training and how a trainer can help, here are a few common walking problems to talk to them about. 

Behavior Towards Animals

It can be frustrating to walk your dog and experience the barking, growling, or lunging at other animals. Whether this means other dogs on a walk, squirrels, or birds, this can be annoying to experience and dangerous for other animals. 

Tightening the leash and moving to the other side of the street from the distraction while walking can be helpful, but it's unlikely to solve the problem entirely. A dog trainer can take over during short walks and teach you the correct way to walk together and what you can do to ensure that your dog behaves itself.

Pulling on Leash

Even without anything triggering your dog, you may still experience them pulling on the leash. Trying to walk ahead of you can be frustrating and even cause your arm to be sore from the pull. 

Switching to a leash and harness recommended by a dog trainer can significantly affect how much you experience this problem. 

Walking Beside You

While your dog may not be pulling on their leash, you may find that they walk ahead or behind you. This isn't recommended since it can be dangerous if you run into a loose dog or if many cars drive alongside the sidewalk. 

Teaching your dog to walk directly next to you and keeping them on a short leash can reduce this problem and make walks more enjoyable. 

Stopping at Crosswalks

Another command you'll want to instruct your dog to follow is having them stop when you arrive at a crosswalk. This can prevent an accident and allow you to pause at the crosswalk and check both ways before stepping off the curb. 

Solving common behavioral issues with your dog is essential for making them easier to walk. Dealing with common walking problems is the first step in making your dog enjoyable to go outside with and even socialize with other dog owners. Reach out to a pet care training service with some of the above issues in mind so that you can get targeted help for you and your dog. 

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