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Want A Small Dog? Choose An F1B Mini Goldendoodle

If you would like to buy a small dog, you have many options. One type you should consider is an F1B Mini Goldendoodle. Below is information about this breed so you can decide if you would like this dog to be a part of your family. 

F1B Mini Goldendoodle

When it comes to Mini Goldendoodles, you will find some that are listed as F1B. This refers to the type of parentage of the offspring. For example, there may be a first generation cross between a toy poodle and a Golden Retriever. This would result in F1 Mini Goldendoodles. If the dog is crossed with a toy poodle a second time, the puppies are considered F1B Mini Goldendoodles.

Many people prefer the F1B Mini Goldendoodle as they get most of their traits from the poodle. This means they will have curlier hair that does not shed as much, which results in a dog that is hypoallergenic. This is the best type for people that have allergies or other respiratory problems. 

F1B Mini Goldendoodle Looks

An F1B Mini Goldendoodle is available in a variety of colors. In most cases, however, you will find Mini Goldendoodles have a golden color like the Golden Retriever. 

These are considered small dogs and can get up to approximately 15 to 25 pounds. How much they weigh will depend on the sizes of the poodle and Golden Retriever. They always have floppy ears. 

Is the F1B Goldendoodle Right For You?

One thing you must know about the F1B Mini Goldendoodle is they are full of energy. One way to deal with this is to ensure that you take your dog to a trainer, make sure they get enough exercise, and start socializing your puppy soon after you get it. If you do not do these things your new puppy will chew on everything in your home, will run around like crazy, and not be good to live with. 

Take your F1B Mini Goldendoodle on long walks each day, take them hiking, or they do great with dog sports. They always need some kind of job to do to keep them happy. Training will help tremendously as they can be trained to retrieve things for you, as well as all the basic commands. Purchase toys for your dog. They love to chase after balls or catch frisbees outside. 

Talk to the breeder where you purchase your F1B Mini Goldendoodle to learn much more about this puppy. For more information, contact a company like Golden Acres Puppies.

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If you would like to buy a small dog, you have man