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3 Pet Boarding Mistakes To Avoid

For most people, their dogs become beloved family members. Thus, when a person needs to go out of town for vacation or a business trip, many will choose to have their pet stay at a boarding facility so he or she knows that the pup is being properly cared for. But when you are in need of pet boarding services, you should not make a hasty decision. Avoid the following mistakes to help ensure that you and your pet have a positive boarding experience:

Not Taking the Time to Do Your Research

Not all boarding facilities are created equal. Some are clean, organized, and wonderful at caring for pets while their owners are away, while others are dirty, overcrowded, and lacking properly trained staff to care for the animals. If you care about your dog, it is well worth your time to do some research on pet boarding facilities in your area to find the best one. After you have found a boarding facility that you're interested in, visit it in person so you can observe the level of cleanliness and see how the animals are treated.

Failing to Plan in Advance

Since quality can vary from one pet boarding facility to another, it is not surprising that more reputable pet boarding facilities fill up for dates quickly, especially around holidays and during the summer months when people tend to travel more. This is partly because of quality but also because a lot of reputable boarding facilities put a cap on the number of animals that they can care for at one time. Thus, as soon as you know that you will be going out of town, book your dog's stay at a boarding facility. 

Neglecting to Understand What Is Included in the Price

When booking a stay for your dog at a pet boarding facility, it is important to understand exactly what is included in the fee that you're paying. Some boarding facilities may include dog food and treats, while others may require pet owners to supply these things. Walks and play time may be part of the standard daily fee at one pet boarding facility, but at another one you may need to arrange these services in advance and pay extra.

In addition to knowing what is included, make sure you understand the pet boarding facilities policies on drop-off and pick-up times. Many pet boarding facilities are much like hotels, so if you are not aware of the mandated pick-up time, you may be charged extra if you come pick up your dog later in the day. 

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