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Taking Your Shiba Inu To The Groomer

Shiba Inus are such unique, witty little dogs. Their short coats do not need to be trimmed, but it can still be helpful to take your Shiba Inu to the groomer from time to time. Keep reading to discover some benefits of regular grooming for your Shiba Inu, and also for some tips on making those grooming visits calm, enjoyable experiences for all involved.

Reasons to Take Your Shiba to The Groomer

While you can certainly brush your Shiba Inu at home, a groomer is likely to do a better job of brushing them thoroughly to remove any shedding undercoat. The undercoat can be a bit tough to remove, even when they are shedding, since it is layered under their outer coat. Groomers have special brushes to reach through and remove any shedding undercoat without damaging the outer coat.

Another reason to take your Shiba to the groomer is for a good nail trim. Many Shibas don't particularly like nail trims and won't sit well to have this done at home. A groomer has the proper restraints to comfortably keep your dog in place so they can trim the nails thoroughly and without catching the quick.

Tips for Taking Your Shiba to the Groomer

First, make sure your dog is used to riding in the car. Take them for some rides after which you come straight home so that they don't always associate car rides with challenging experiences.

If your dog does the Shiba scream, warn the groomer. Most groomers are likely aware of the Shiba scream, but you're better off warning them just in case so they don't get overly worried if your dog starts wailing.

If your dog is very attached to you, it is often better to simply leave them alone at the groomer. When you're out of sight, they are more likely to bond with and focus on the groomer, which will keep them calmer. Make sure the groomer has your number so they can text you if there are any issues. And stay within a quick drive of the groomer so you can come back if needed.

Shiba Inus can be a little dramatic about seeing the groomer, but once they get used to it, they often find it a pleasant experience. Look for a groomer who has some experience with the breed. They'll be more familiar with the techniques needed to release your dog's shedding undercoat and keep them calm.

For more information on pet grooming, contact a professional near you.

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