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Animal Clinics And Hospitals — Services That Are Offered

An animal clinic is a standard practice that may offer a limited amount of pet services. An animal hospital is usually larger than a clinic and will offer comprehensive services. Considerations should be made about what type of establishment you visit for your pet's healthcare needs.

An Animal Clinic

An animal clinic will provide immunizations and checkups. Medical issues that are not serious in nature can be treated at an animal clinic. A veterinarian may use diagnostic equipment, medicines, ointments, and other basic medical aids. If you would like to use the same veterinarian for each of your pet's basic care needs, you can establish a relationship with a vet who works at a clinic.

An Animal Hospital

An animal hospital will perform surgical procedures and other complex medical treatments. A hospital may employ many vets who provide scheduled and non-scheduled services. An animal hospital may perform emergency services. Emergency services can be conducted after hours. Since many animal clinics may not offer emergency appointments, a pet owner who is concerned about the health of their pet may seek services through a hospital.

The equipment within a hospital will include technological devices that can be used to diagnose and treat a wide range of ailments and injuries. It is fairly common for a hospital to offer boarding. There are some medical conditions that a pet may experience that will require close monitoring. If a pet is going to remain at a hospital for a few days, the veterinarian staff can keep a close eye on a pet's condition. This could be lifesaving and will prevent a pet owner from needing to take on the responsibility of caring for their pet during the recovery stages.

Hospitals That Double As A Clinic

An animal hospital may double as a clinic. There may be an emergency department that is used to tackle serious ailments and injuries. There may be a separate office within a hospital that is dedicated solely to standard medical procedures. If you do not want to be inconvenienced by needing to visit a separate clinic for standard procedures, choosing a hospital that provides both critical care services and standard care services will be best.

This type of hospital will provide an overview of the services that are offered. Before your pet is brought into the hospital, you should inquire about the method by which you should make an appointment or seek emergency services. 

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